Interlude: The Fall (text)

August 2, 2017

(Since the Interludes are the only parts of this story that I'll be writing out entirely beforehand, I'm going to be posting the text as well)

I only once ever really saw you scared.

You always seemed so together. You always seemed so solid. Honest to God, a year with you and I was starting to think nothing got under your skin.

Might be part of why I fell for you. Something I was looking for. You were so many things I didn't think I could ever be. Maybe that's a shitty reason to fall in love with someone, but it's not like I was into evaluating my motivations.

You were brave.

That's the point.

Except when we got on that fucking plane. Cruising altitude and the turbulence hit, and it was like we dropped all thirty thousand of those feet in five endless seconds. I thought you were going to bust your seatbelt, scramble into my lap like a frightened puppy. You held my hand so tight my bones were grinding.

I have my secrets. This is one of them.

It's that I liked how scared you were. I liked seeing that. The evidence that it could happen, right in front of me. That little fall stripped you as naked as you ever were with me.

You needed me, for a change. I was the solid one.

When we got off the plane, it was like it never happened. You left that fall up there in the sky. I was okay with that. I wasn't going to lord it over you. I didn't want this to be some kind of power struggle. It was never about that for me.

But it was good to see you weak.

See you like you must see me.