Season 2 PSA

September 20, 2019

Hi, folks.

I'm not able to post audio at the moment but I wanted to a) give you a quick update, and b) make a request. 

Update: Season 2 is still coming. But I'm working on it very, very slowly for a number of reasons, including a) serious mental health issues, b) the fact that believe it or not I don't actually do this as a job and things that count as actual job stuff have been eating up a huge amount of my time and energy, c) I had to finish and defend and revise my doctoral dissertation this summer, and d) I then went through a nightmare with my university that involved me getting taken for thousands of dollars and, for a while, potential legal action on my part.

There are also technical issues I need to work through before I can start production (among other things the computer I record and edit on is dying and I need to get a new one and have not yet been able to take care of that).

Those of you who have been patient and supportive, thank you so so so much. It means more to me than I can express. This project has become a major source of anxiety for me, which makes it even harder to work on, and your kindness makes that less the case. You are wonderful. 

Which leads me to the request:

Comments demanding to know where season 2 is/where I am are spectacularly unhelpful. 

You're not making things easier for me. You're not encouraging me. You're making the anxiety worse. You're making it harder for me to work. If you've listened to the podcast, you know I have mental health problems. Can you please bear that in mind? Could you bear in mind that you're berating a disabled person? If you actually want season 2 to happen, you'll cut it out. 

I understand that maybe you're really eager for what's next but you're just clumsy in how you communicate that, and I appreciate it. But again: You are not helping me, and if anything you're coming off as an entitled jerk. People who produce free content for you do not owe you anything, just like you don't owe it to us to consume the content we produce. If you're frustrated with me, I understand. I am frustrated with me too. There are lots of other excellent audio drama podcasts out there for you to listen to. I'd point you toward them. 

I want to reiterate that I'm endlessly grateful to those of you who haven't been doing this. You're why I'm still determined to keep pushing. 

Bear with me. This story isn't over.